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I’m a whole mood, they say. I lead with joy first. I am currently binge watching shows from my teens and 20s on Netflix. When I feel up to it, I create Tiktok videos for personal enjoyment. No, seriously, I am my own entertainment. I laugh at myself often. The first thing I’d buy, if I won the lottery, is a Krispy Kreme store. Maybe 2. 

The short version of the next sentence is, I was shaken. I have a fear of porta potties y’all, but I love making you smile. I picked up the camera shortly after I became pregnant with my son. I grew to love it instantly. Photographing you makes me extremely happy. I know the magic of what a simple picture can do for you. I also saw that you needed someone, like you, to give you an amazing portrait experience. So here I am - a God fearing human, businesswoman, wife, mother, Founder of Know YOUR Beautiful, mentor, speaker and so much more. 


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Things I absolutely can't live without

TuesdayS + Thursdays

My rest days!


The Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink!

Drew + Livi

They have both made me a better human!


It made me feel whole again!

Pink starburst

My favorite chewy candy!


I’m so in love with this Black man

Why I'm Here For You

My mission is to be what I want the world to see. To change the narrative for Black women in business, families and people of Color through portraiture. I will renew your spirit with every frame that I take. I want to empower every single client to be the best version of themselves, so that when I leave this Earth, those behind me (especially my children) will know that I was here.

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